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Below is an Overview of the Common Areas of Defects Identified During Home Inspections

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As a home buyer, by now you may already be aware of the importance of a home inspection. However, sometimes having a idea of key areas prone to defaults is very helpful since it makes the whole process of inspecting a house much easier. Speaking of the key areas of a house most prone to defects / problems, below is an overview of a few common areas pointed out by several high profiling home inspectors. They include:

a. Roof
The roof is a key part of the home which plays a crucial role in helping keep water away from within the house. This being the case, during a home inspection it is strongly advised that you get to pay close attention to the condition of the roof in order to any kind of defects pointed out and corrected. The best approach to checking the condition of the house is to focus mostly on areas around the foundation since they are most prone to having debris build up and block proper flow of water.

b. The foundation
The foundation is known to have a series of cracks after a long time serving as a transfer of load of the house unto the footings. These cracks and holes which form on the foundation tend to serve as passages of water which overtime might cause serious damage to furniture and other electronic items in the house.

c. Windows and Doors
Doors and windows are used on a daily basis. They are therefore clearly more prone to becoming faulty owing to the difference in the manner in which they handled. Some of the common defects to look out for in doors and windows include: cracks, broken seals sagging headers right above the window etc

d. The A/C System and furnace
On average, furnaces usually have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. This however depends on focusing mostly on maintenance of the system. This means being on the looking out for unnecessary holes, rust in any part of the furnace and making sure that the system stays hooked to an approved venting system to avoid any costly inconveniences or accidents in the worst case scenarios.

e. Electrical systems
Electrical systems are one of the systems most vulnerable to failure / defecting. This however, has been noted to be common only to systems which are left unattended to for a long period of time yet in use. To avoid dealing with a series of complex electrical problems, it is strongly advised that you get to emphasize on having the house fitted with aluminum based wires since they are less vulnerable to damage.

Apart from the above, other things which raise a lot of concern to buyers include: the plumbing system, mold infestation, chimney troubles, decks, handrails, condition of basement bedroom, water heater and structural defects.

The above mentioned areas of concern are simply some of the key defects which are encountered during a residential home inspection Long Island. They serve to help you understand exactly what to expect when you are ready to request the services of a professional home inspector.